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Best schools in Perth?       started by mikesarah on 07 May 2005   (3985)
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From mikesarah

07 May 2005 6:07 PM
Hi, We are due to emigrate to Perth soon and have a young son 5 who will need to start school. We are looking for any advice,tips, recomendations for good schools in and around Perth - this will be a deciding factor in where we choose to live. So if anyone has any tips or good web sites to visit please let us know. Also I believe that private schools are good and more affordable than UK ones! so that could also be an option if anyone has experience of these to we would be most greatful. Look forward to hearing from you ! Mike & family
From Aussiemove

To mikesarah

07 May 2005 8:29 PM
Hi Mike, Not a straight-forward one to answer..... In terms of quantifiable results, these are only available for High Schools. They are published by the Curriculum Council and can be seen on this link: The Curriculum Council point out that producing the best results doesn't necessarily make that school 'best' as there are other factors to consider in a child's education and I think that's fair enough. However, for migrants searching for any information, at least it's somewhere to start (I'll add a permanent link under Perth > Schools). As far as state high schools go, I have heard the following schools have particularly good reputations: Rossmoyne ( Churchlands ( and I've heard praise for others including Carine, Duncraig, Woodvale. That's not to say others are not good also - that's just what I've heard. Some people may consider the amount of fees to be an indicator of the quality of the school. The following private schools would be around the top of the fee scale. I've shown the school name, website and annual tuition fees for a year 12 student. Treat the amounts as indicative only, as there are some discounts, extras, etc. Hale School ( $12,600 Christ Church Grammar ( $12,876 Presbyterian Ladies College ( fees not published Methodist Ladies College ( fees not published All Saints College ( $11,110 Guildford Grammar ( $11,520 Aquinas College ( $9,117 Penrhos College ( $11,007 Scotch College ( $12,360 Wesley College ( $12,275 There's also a large number of fee-paying schools which charge a lot less than these - around $3000-$4000 pa. These include St Stephens, St Marks, St Anthonys, many Catholic schools. We have all schools listed on Aussiemove with links, but you need to search with the map - ie. have some idea of where you want to live, then look at the schools in the area. Is choice of primary school as important? Well, I would say that in the state system not so much - in the sense that there are good primary schools available in most suburbs. eg in the suburb I live in, we could probably send our child to any one of 4 primaries, so if we don't like one, we can change. Also, in a 'good' state school there will still be some not-so-good teachers - nowhere will be perfect. But if choice of high school is very important to you and you can look that far down the track, then of course, you need to take that into account when you're looking at suburbs. Also bear in mind that there are limited vacancies in many of the private schools, especially in the middle-tier schools with good reputations. As you can see, there are lots of options, so you have plenty of research to do!! Hopefully other people will give you their personal recommendations to help you also. regards, Geoff

To mikesarah

08 May 2005 12:22 AM
Hi Our son goes to Scotch College and we cannot recommend the school enough. It is a fantastic school, totally orientated to giving the boys an education to fit them for a great future. I'm sure there are other schools in Perth that do the same thing, you may not think on visiting some schools that they are as good as others think. It all comes down to how you feel on the day you visit. Our son is in Year 7 of the junior school and loves every day, he has not had one bad day there yet. Scotch values the individual child and my son feels valued by the school. The junior school is excellent. Scotch College is on Shenton Road in Swanbourne, many parents travel from all over the city. It takes under 1 hour to get to Swanbourne from the very northern suburbs [Ocean Reef] down the West Coast Highway. It is a pleasant drive with nice sea views and parklands. Any further questions, please ask. Gael
From bne2pth

To Aussiemove

19 Dec 2005 11:29 PM
My family will be moving to Perth next month. Perth is a new place to us. We have been doing 'homework' to search for good state high school for our 14 yrs old boy. We are looking at Shenton College... Is anyone here would like to share your view about this school ? Academically or others activities/events ?
From karen+Rob

To Tracey32

22 Apr 2008 3:53 AM
Hi, I know I'm a little late joining in the conversation.....but could do with some advice. We are from UK, and hoping to move out (we are thinking Perth) asap. We have two small children (aged 5 on friday, and 6-, 7 on 30th June)Can anyone give us any information on good schools, this is obviously really important to us when deciding on an area to move into. We understand that children don't start school untill later than here, so our youngest would not be statring year 1 for a while, so a school with a 'pre school' attacted would be great for him. Would appreciate any feedback Karen
From BrownFamily

To karen+Rob

22 Apr 2008 4:08 AM
Best place to start looking is the WA Education site - Narrow down the areas you like the look of (this site is invaluable for that) and then you can look up the schools individually and find links to their websites (if they have one, not all Primaries have one) - Good luck. Bev Brown
From karen+Rob

To BrownFamily

22 Apr 2008 4:20 AM
Thanks Bev
From kayandandy

To mikesarah

22 Apr 2008 5:33 AM
Why dont you narrow a few areas down and then go and look at the schools? We had our hand forced as we already have a house and the school I wanted was oversubscribed due to the boundary rule not being enforced in kindy and pre primary. So whilst we were in catchment they didnt have to take us as they were full. Luckily we have a spot at Fremantle Primary and I cannot praise the administration enough. Having worked in schools in UK and abroad, I have to say it was the friendliest reception I have ever recieved!!! We are going to stay in the gov system for primary school as I have every confidence in it due to small class sizes more than anything else and transfer to private school for secondary school. I would love to send my son to CBC in Freo as a couple of ex colleagues of mine work there and say fantastic things about it. It also out performed some of the big names in the league tables a year ago. Adding to this there is some fantastic work going on with boys achievement and the last head was recruited to St Pauls in London as his reputation preceeded him. And its cheap!!!! But hubby wants a co ed school!
From justjudy

To karen+Rob

22 Apr 2008 11:16 AM
Hi Karen love your comment about being a little late joining the dicussion. It took me a while to see that the thread started in 2005! With regards to which school I can only offer this. I have a friend who came to Australia from Canada (about 20 years ago) with the view that as Australia is a first world country the state education system should be very good. She and her husband are very wealthy and could certainly have afforded private schools but she put all 3 children into state schools for all their schooling. All 3 graduated as Dux on their high school and all now have or will have University degrees. (the youngest graduates this year and already has a job lined up.) On the other hand my sister sent her two girls to St Marys Private School. and both her girsl have degrees. One is a Lawyer and the other a Landscape architect. My own son went to a state school and also has a univeristy degree ( in Business Management - Majoring in Hospitality and Tourism). Phew, this is getting lengthy but what I am trying to say is that both Private and State schools turn out some pretty amazing students. Certainly the neighbourhood you live in has a big bearing on where they go to school so as a starting point why not rent for at least 6 months and talk to as many people as you can about where to live. The more friends you make when you get here the better informed you will be. Your children will be a great source of making friends. You get to chat to all the parents when you are picking kids up from Kindy, Preschool, School, birthday parties, etc.
From woody9

To justjudy

22 Apr 2008 1:25 PM
agree with you generally - there are good state and private schools just as there are not so good. people's experiences will vary - someone posted on here that their kids went to private and when trouble (bullying I think) started, the school, being private, chose not to tackle those involved so she put her kids in state (Ocean Reef I think) where they were much happier. There was also something in the paper recently about kids taking knives to one of the top private schools in perth (cant remember which one and wont guess as dont want to slander anyone)- anyway, these kids parents were mega-wealthy so the school would not expell them to the other parents disgust. League tables will tell you which senior schools perform well academically but they wont tell you abuot bullying, values, drugs, under age sex, smoking and all the other stuff that kids here get up to, just as they do the world over. Also, many of the schools which perfrom the best academically have high ratios of asian kids who out perfom most of the others as they tend to study all the time. The 'best' state schools ie rossmyone and churchlands, are very expensive areas to live in. Likewise, the less expensive areas tend to have poorer performing high schools. so if you see an areas where you can get a decent 4x2 with pool for less that 450-500k, you can assume the local senior high is not up with the best of them. ours go to woodvale senior high - not 'the best' but good in my opinion. woodvale and kingsley (Creany primary feeds into it) are not the most expensive suburbs but also not the cheapest. also we found the primaries in the area very good. dont know about pre-primary as didnt use it but i think they do have them. cant say much about the south except Rockingham senior high gets a bad rep - alhtough my mates kids go there and seem to do ok.
From karen+Rob

To woody9

22 Apr 2008 10:00 PM
Wow thatnks everyone, your responces have been great. Which are the 'best' suburbs to live in then? We are looking to rent for 6 months and then purchase, so I know that we'll get to know the area's pretty well, but would like a rough guide while I look for somewhere to rent, and school my daughter! Thank you Karen
From Cooks

To kiwiinperth

04 May 2008 6:13 PM
Hi, we are also moving to Perth late July. Do you still feel it best to find the right primary school first then the house or the other way? Cheers Pete
From kiwiinperth

To Cooks

04 May 2008 6:20 PM
Its hard to say, we did a little of both at the same time. Found one house we loved at an open home, then drove around the area it was a school day and the school from just the kids playing at lunch time looked awful and put us off. Then we got some local knowledge on the area and were told to stay away! Next house we found we got local knowledge first, plus recommendations of schools and then had a large area suburb that we were happy looking in. My children are thriving at school here, although they got put back a year as school starts a year later here.
From Cooks

To kiwiinperth

04 May 2008 6:28 PM
thanks for quick answer. my youngest will have to go to pre primary yet he's in year 1 over in NZ. I came over to Perth in January for a look and the schools visited all had no space in pre primary. This worries us alot as he may miss school for remainder of 2008. I'm thinking of looking in suburbs like Duncraig, Padbury, Hamersley and surrounding. Do you know the schools in these areas?
From kiwiinperth

To Cooks

04 May 2008 6:37 PM
We were told the same thing until I said but I live in the area - and the school said well we need you mortgage papers for proof. Which I had with me and they had to take us on. Another NZ friend who has been here 8 weeks just went through the same thing, When she had proof of owning a home they let her in the school. My daughter was in year 2 in NZ and went to year 1. (we have been here a year now). She found the work really easy but it gave her confidence socially. My son is in Kindy this year. And this is attached to her school. My kids missed about 6 weeks school when we got here as we settled and looked for houses.I dont know those areas you mention well. We are in Forrestfield Have you tried looking at areas South of the River? People get stuck looking in one area. Will you be working in the city? Do you need to use the train to get to work? I am happy to help you with any info I can, as we have been there and it is a big shift!!!
From Cooks

To kiwiinperth

04 May 2008 7:15 PM
We're not planning to buy at the moment so will only be renting, that may put a spanner in the works. Haven't looked too much South of the River, guess the North was where I got told most about. Will have a look South as I'll be working in East Perth - Hay Street. The plan is to catch the train if possible. Yep, its a big shift especially for the family but opportunity is too good. Couple of quick questions if you don't mind. Was it easy to register for Medicare? Are most things pretty similar to NZ? like buying a car, banking, food shopping, day care etc. thanks for the offer of help, we'll certainly appreciated any advice.
From mumof2

To BrownFamily

07 May 2008 8:47 PM
After reading everyone's comments on schools in Perth. Personally, as we are moving to Perth at the end of may...I will wait until I get there so I can actually see the schools before I make any decision as you all know about catchment areas and such. We will holiday let for 6-8 weeks, which during that time will look for schools and long term rentals. Hopefully that will be enough time to get it right. I have a 5yr and 3yr boys, so primary plus kindy in the same school. If anyone has their children in school and wish to recommend I will add them to my ever growing To Do List. Thanks for reading!
From lincoln

To mumof2

24 May 2008 7:17 PM
That's great to find this discussion forum here. My family with 2 daughters near age 4 and 2 will move to perth at end of Jun. We wish to rent a place near Nollamara because the rental there is affordable. Does any one know the quality of pre-primary school near Nollamara?
From mumof2

To lincoln

24 May 2008 10:34 PM
This website is fab, you'll find every answer to anything you wanna know. We are going on the 28th May....4 days to go!!!! We are going NOR somewhere, we will be doing the suburb research once we get there. Don't know of anything in Nollamara...sorry. Add a post asking about Nollamora. Good luck
From thejourney

To mumof2

06 Aug 2008 7:59 AM
Hi Mumof2 this is thejourney who also happens to be a mum of 2 aiming for Perth int he new year. Thanks for your help so far. Am wondering how it is all going? Please update - we are all eager to learn from your experience. Many thanks.
From Wilson4


15 Aug 2008 9:35 AM
Hi Gael Moving down in November from Scotland. Is Scotch College a fee paying school or state? Also which area would you stay in to be zoned for there? Thanks Fi
From scott+case

To thejourney

20 Oct 2008 7:33 AM
Hi All, this website has some amazing information, thanks to everyone who contributes. We are seriously looking at moving to Australia from Durban, South Africa. One area where I am a bit unsure is education. We have 2 kids, boy aged 3 and a daughter aged 8 months. I suppose we wont have to make any school decisions for a couple of years but I am interested to hear from any South Africans living in Aus how they rate the standard of the state schools compared to the good ones (if there are any left!) back in SA. Thanks Scott
From phil1234

To scott+case

06 Dec 2008 11:09 AM
Hi Scott We moved to Perth from Johannesburg 11 years ago with an 11 year old and a 4 year old. Our regret is that we didn't move to Australia sooner! When we moved, our 11 year old was given the opportunity of jumping a year in school, which we didn't take up - moving is traumatic enough. Both of our children attend/ed public schools south of the river - there are good and bad - read this and other forums. Once you are in Australia and living the lifestyle you will soon find out which are the schools suited to you. I really wouldn't worry about schools at this stage - I would worry about getting out of South Africa ASAP - you owe it to your kids!!
From pomchink

To mikesarah

15 Dec 2008 8:15 PM
I'm looking for schools for my child and am a bit concerned about limiting stereotypes against Asian kids espoused on this bulletin board. I have an adopted daughter from China and she does well in school. I'd hate for her to be the target of generalisation - all asian kids do well because all they do is study all the time. It is difficult enough being the Asian child of white parents. I'd like to send her to a more multicultural school. Is there such a thing in the Mandurah area or is it full of poms like myself?
From kayandandy

To pomchink

15 Dec 2008 10:52 PM
there are actually quite a lot of families who have adopted Asian kids here too. Stereotyping does occur here and yes there are some elements of racism. I just tackle it head on if I find it and I am sure you will too. Dont know for sure about Mandurah but my friend is the assistant principal at one of the catholic schools in mandurah and he is married to an anglo indian girl ... so there might be a clue!
From carlsons

To phil1234

28 Dec 2008 6:42 AM
Hi phil1234, We are in JHB and looking at moving to Perth at some stage during 2009. We have 2 small girls (3 & 1.5) and busy researching where to live, work etc. As far as schooling goes, where can one find info of which schools are the good and bad ones? Where are the good and bad areas, etc? Thanks, The Carlsons
From gerio

To kiwiinperth

18 Feb 2009 1:12 AM
hi kiwiperth, what school did you eventually choose for your daughter? We are looking to move in about 6 months time and I am completely confused as to what areas we should be searching
From jimboman

To carlsons

18 Feb 2009 1:48 AM
I'd say a bad area was JHB and a good area was WA. Get things into perspective....
From carlsons

To jimboman

18 Feb 2009 3:39 AM
thanks jimboman :)
From aussiehpoefull

To jimboman

20 Feb 2009 6:27 AM
Whats JHB?
From aussiehpoefull

To jimboman

20 Feb 2009 6:28 AM
Whats JHB?
From tisme

To aussiehpoefull

20 Feb 2009 9:07 AM
Johannesburgh (?spelling) South Africa
From jimboman

To tisme

20 Feb 2009 11:49 AM
That's why I didn't reply Johanerrsberg :))
From Jul_Ian

To jimboman

20 Feb 2009 7:17 PM
We always called it Jo'burg when we lived in CT (Cape Town). I presume nobody knew how to spell (or pronounce it) properly (Johannesburg?)
From jimboman

To Jul_Ian

20 Feb 2009 8:24 PM
Joanne Ice Berg
From hannah80

To jimboman

13 Mar 2009 9:10 AM
Hi Guys, I am a single mum of a 10 yr old boy, we are moving to perth very soon and although ive been looking at places to rent I am now wondering about schools. I will be working in Nedlands so would like to live within 30mins drive and for my boy to go to school nearby. Hes very sporty and I would love it if sport was a big part of his schol life as i think it would help him settle in quicker. Does anyone know of a good primary state school not too far from nedlands? Plus if any families moving out to perth would like to meet up over there to swop stories that would be great x
From cap

To hannah80

08 Apr 2009 1:08 AM
Nedlands is surrounded by excellent state schools. Depending on what street you are moving to it may either be Nedlands Primary, Dalkeith Primary or Claremont Primary - all have very good reputations. You won't need to look far to find a good school where you are moving to. Also lot of the Top private schools are also surrouding this area - for when you get to the high school stage.
From jimboman

To cap

08 Apr 2009 1:24 AM
The message you replied to was posted a long time ago, and by someone who will not be living in Nedlands (unless they just won the lottery). Working in Nedlands and living in Nedlands are not the same thing. I worked in Knightsbridge once.
From schoolgauge

To jimboman

02 May 2009 6:15 PM
Hi I'm a parent in Perth that spent a lot of time trying to figure out which school to send my son to. I have an education and statistics background and so decided to do the analysis - I was mainly interested in finding out whether the high ranking schools still ranked highly after allowing for their intake. After doing this, and after sharing the information with friends, I set up Schoolgauge to share the information with other parents. There's a lot of data on the site ( that isnt readily available anywhere else (e.g. literacy and numeracy results by school in one spreadsheet). If you want to make a donation (its up to you how much you donate - we're not about making money, but we do have costs to cover) you can get access to the results of our analysis. Hope this is of help to people out there. cheers Greg
From kayandandy

To schoolgauge

02 May 2009 7:20 PM
Greg Just had a look at your website and would like to ask a few questions. It was my understanding (and I will stand corrected on this!!) that test results were not to be published for the NAPLAN tests. I know you can rummage around and find data but I thought a commitment was made when introduced that they would not be put into table form. If this is the case you may be wise to seek some clarification from somewhere! I am not sure of the usefulness of this information to average Jo Bloggs. I live in Freo, son goes to Freo primary, have a long career in education and I dont know what 110 on the Socio heading means. I presuem it means we are a bit more affluent than those in Balga but not as affluent as those in Dalkieth. A bit more clarification would be really helpful. Also the results of the tests. What do they tell people. Read in isolation they are not very informative. I would expect high results in Dalkieth, they get bright kids. What is the value added. That is the info that is far mor useful as it give clues as to curriculum and teaching .... however sadly in this place not easily found. I commend you for what you are doing, I would just proceed with caution. We need info like this but would hate to see you hung drawn and quarted for something that should be provided! good luck with it. kay
From schoolgauge

To kayandandy

02 May 2009 7:52 PM
Hi Kay The education unions are currently petitioning to have legislation enacted to prevent these tables being published. But there is currently no restriction to doing what I have done. Having said that, the feedback I've got from other people also indicates that I should indeed proceed with caution and I've taken those tables off my site. I don't want this issue to distract from the main focus of our work so far, which is to assess the quality of secondary schools. The NAPLAN data is essential for that - as it helps to control for the intakes. By the way, SES goes up to about 125 and down to about 85. 100 is average. thanks for your feedback. Greg
From citizen90

To schoolgauge

04 May 2009 12:27 PM
The unions are resisting the publication of this information but the Federal Government seems determined to press ahead. This recent article gives details of the data that it says is to be rolled out later this year. It will be intersting to see if this happens.,27574,25362597-5006009,00.html
From schoolgauge

To citizen90

05 May 2009 10:22 AM
Its fantastic what the Federal Government is doing. However, Schoolgauge goes further and creates league tables that adjust for socioeconomic status, and also league tables that show value added for each school. The link to this information is available for free to our members at
From indah

To schoolgauge

12 Jan 2011 5:41 PM
Hi there, I am new member here. I love to read all the comment and I read your comment as well. With regards, how do I post a question and see my question. I am looking for kindergarten and child care at the same place in Perth. Public or Private okay...if I get public will be good (best one) Thanks for your kind attention Indah
From indah

To indah

12 Jan 2011 5:44 PM
Hi All, I am looking for kindergarten that having child care at the same place? any idea? public or private is okay but I prefer I get one of the best public school at this stage. we will move to Perth next week. I thought that will be easy for me to find it through google but I did not find one until now. Please feel free to give me your advice. Thank you
From tabs_n07

To indah

04 Mar 2011 6:49 AM
HI all. I am planning to move to perth in September of this year. I had already decided to send my daughter to churchlands senior high in year 11. I was just wondering if the schools take in students in the middle of the term especially the last term.. tabassum
From Marshy

To tabs_n07

04 Mar 2011 9:49 AM
Yes you can enrol your child at anytime during the school year. Churchlands have a very strict catchment area, you will have to live in catchment to send your child there.