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importing cars       started by RuthD on 18 Aug 2003   (406)
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From RuthD

18 Aug 2003 10:21 PM
Hi there We are finally moving to Perth on 4th october eith a permanent reisidency visa . We have a people carrier which is only 1 year old and are wondering about taking it with us. Has any one out there any experience of importing a car? Any ideas suggestions welcome Thanks Ruth
From lynnj

To RuthD

19 Aug 2003 1:42 AM
Hi Ruth Dont know too much about this apart from what i've picked up elsewhere so it may not be 100 percent correct, you have to have owned the car for a continuous period of 12 months before you can import it into aus, you have import duty to pay and any cleaning of it (it has to be spotless no trace of soil etc) and any modifications to make it to aus standards, ie the speedo would have to be changed from miles to kilometeres, bear in mind if its a european model it may be hard to find a dealer to service it and spares may be an expensive problem if it is a far eastern model then it will be far cheaper there. We looked into it as our car is also just 1 year old but it was going to cost a samll fortune to do it, i have seen several people ask the same question but dont know of anyone who has actually done it. There is a web site that gives you details on import tax if i can find it i'll let you know. Lynn
From lynnj

To lynnj

19 Aug 2003 6:35 PM
I've found that web address for you, this should give you all the info you need, someone else has told me that the valuation for import tax is stipulated on arrival, ie what they say it is worth in aus not what you say its worth in the uk. It may be worth while calling customs in freo and asking for the company they use for valuations, they should be able to give you an approx figure. Another thing to bear in mind is if you are going to be able to sell the car, will someone want to buy it if its not a common model, easily serviced and repairs, i noticed someone saying they were taking an audi with them, for instance there is only 1 audi dealership in WA so it is safe to assume they will charge like a wounded bull! Lastly your car will also be subject to an emmissions test and if it doesnt meet aussie standards will have to be modified. Ruth as i said before i am not an expert just picked this info up from other people so it may not be accurate, try the website and calling customs for exact up to date info. Lynn
From RuthD

To lynnj

20 Aug 2003 2:36 AM
Hi Lynn thanks very much for your research. It looks me as if we don,t have enough time. We didn't buy the car until September 24th 2002 and so we can't actually apply to take it until 24th Sept this year and it takes a minimum of 30 days before you can ship it. We are leaving on 4th October for good so as you see noi time!! We are just going to have to seel it if we can Regards Ruth