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Money transfers UK into Australia       started by janeandian on 17 May 2005   (4066)
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From janeandian

17 May 2005 2:53 AM
Hi again everyone, Its nearly time for Jane,the family and I to get on the plane south ( June 16th ) Yeeeeee Haaaaaa !!!!!!!!!! Just researching the best way to get our UK funds into Aus and need some of your valuable experience, so please tell us how you managed the money move and what you think is the best way to get it into Perth. I have checked out the comments on and at the moment it looks as if WWW.Currencysolutions offer the best deal but you may have better advice, please tell us where you found an exceptional exchange rate and low transfer costs ? Thanks for all the advice in the past its been really helpful ! Hope to see you all in Perth real soon !!!! Ian & Jane.
From Kieren

To janeandian

17 May 2005 8:26 AM
Hi Ian and Jane! I've been doing lots of looking into this lately and I think (so far) my choice would have to be OzForex ( They also have a page that gives the actual amount of dollars you get into your bank account after charges and transfer rates and stuff are calculated ( As far as I can see, this is the only company who do this online, and before you register. Everything is done online onc you have registered (free). I have already registered, and within 24 hours I had a call from the Aus office asking if there was anything I wanted to talk to someon about. They are extremely helpful, and so far, the only people with a better exchange rate - but not by much - is the Commonwealth Bank. Hope that gives some food for thought! KIEREN, RACHEL and HOLLY
From Paul_F

To Kieren

17 May 2005 1:21 PM
We had good experience with HIFX - as advertised on this site. There are no charges, and the rate is generally competitive with the banks. Very easy to do as well - you register and then agree a contract rate over the phone (which is recorded). You then have a couple of days to transfer the money.
From Ruth

To janeandian

17 May 2005 1:33 PM
Hi Ian We also used HiFx, we found the whole process so easy and we were happy with the rate we got, it may not have been as high as some but the ease of all the dealing we have had with them was enough for us. My parents used someone else (won't mention names) and they had a much more complicated process and wished they had used HIFX, with hindsight. Hope this helps Regards Ruth