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Using Video Game Equipment (PS2/XBOX/Gamecube)       started by oldershs on 29 Jul 2005   (4623)
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From oldershs

29 Jul 2005 8:55 PM
Hi I'm new to the website, but after reading some of the comments I can confirm that: 1- Games bought in the UK will work on the equivalent Australian video game system (and vice versa) 2- You will NOT need a Region-X or other boot disc (as this is for PAL machines using USA or JAP NTSC games only) 3- If you are using a UK machine on an Australia TV and experience problems with the sound you should ask your game retailer for a replacement TV adapter for your console. Australian and UK TV signals are both 60hz PAL so you shouldn't have any problems then. I hope this helps! (I probably sound like a real game geek....)