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Taking over a Sinclair C5       started by craig_northern on 09 Oct 2005   (5308)
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From craig_northern

09 Oct 2005 10:50 PM
hi, We shall be emigrating to australia next year and i am in the process of sorting out the container for our goods.I am a collector of Sinclair C5's and would like to take then over.For the information,they are a single seater peddle cycle that if nned can run of a 12 voly battery. could anyone assist with this.thanks craig
From charlieroberts

To craig_northern

10 Oct 2005 9:58 PM
hey i can't help with your question but i look forward to meeting you on in perth. i'll know its you somehow..... sinclair c5.. how cool. i went on ebay to buy one. it was up for