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Should we take our Suburban       started by lizlakey on 22 Nov 2003   (555)
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From lizlakey

22 Nov 2003 3:45 AM
We are from the US and moving to Perth in Jan/04. We have a Chevrolet, Suburan and were wondering if we should take it with us. I am worried that a Suburban would be expensive to maintain since there doesn't seem to be many there. Also would we have to convert it from a left hand drive to a the other side when we get there. Where can I look up information on importing a vehicle?
From Louise

To lizlakey

22 Nov 2003 9:19 AM
Liz, You would have to convert it to RH drive and that is a very expensive procedure. The only vehicles that don't require converting are classics - older than 25 years I believe. Plus it is quite expensive to transport a vehicle from the US to Australia. You would be better off selling your Chevy and buying or leasing a vehicle when you get to Perth. But beware of sticker shock when you go shopping for cars in Perth - they are MUCH more expensive than in the US. I'm enjoying the last couple of months in my zippy VW Jetta, as I won't be able to have a car like that when I move to Perth - sigh! Louise