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What Tools can I take       started by ChrisandAlexa on 17 Nov 2005   (5727)
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From ChrisandAlexa

17 Nov 2005 9:07 AM
Hi everyone, The family and I are moving to Melbourne in January. I need some advice on what tools I can take. I don't intend to take any garden tools but everything I have for the DIY I would like to take. How clean does it need to be? Evveryone keeps talking about Jeyes? Does your stuff need to be thoroughly cleaned or what? Seems a little bit OTT if you ask me. But I will gladly clean it to a shine if it means an easier time through customs. Any advice appreciated. Regards Chris
From puma

To ChrisandAlexa

17 Nov 2005 10:10 PM
Hi Chris Take whatever you have. Give everything a good wipe down. All that AQIS are looking for is grass seeds and dirt. I dont think they have a problem with oily tools etc. The only problem I had was a small amount of dirt on my mountain bike tyre, this was whisked away and cleaned by AQIS. I bought everything except the old lawn mower. Regards Dave
From ChrisandAlexa

To puma

18 Nov 2005 7:35 AM
Cheers Dave, I'll take the lot then. No point in getting rid of stuff if I don't have to. We are taking the kids bikes so I will now make sure the tyres are thoroughly cleaned. Don't intend taking any gardening tools though. Thanks again Chris