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Computers       started by dusty on 08 Dec 2005   (5935)
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From dusty

08 Dec 2005 9:33 AM
Hi All, Can anyone offer some advice? Is it better (cheaper) to buy a new computer whilst in the UK or wait until we get to Perth to buy one? Thanks
From mvt550

To dusty

08 Dec 2005 9:51 AM
Not advice but just some thoughts! I bought a laptop before I left the UK and brought it with me on the plane when I came over. It meant I didn't have to pay for the shipping of my UK desktop computer, I could transfer everything I needed from my old computer to my laptop before I left, I had a computer as soon as I arrived in Australia to use e mail and internet (that was SO SO important to me but may not be so vital to you) and the price for exactly the same computer here in Australia was basically the same. One consideration is waranty. I ended up buying a Dell laptop because they offer (for my particular computer - not all of them are the same) 3 years international next business day onsite service (which includes Australia) even though I bought the computer in the UK. And that's even in a country area in NSW - not Sydney. I have had to use the warranty service (but that's another story!) and they were true to their word - they sent someone next business day who came to my house and fixed the problem. In country areas they don't send their own Dell technicians but pay other local computer companies to provide the service which is fine by me. When I was choosing the computer, I also considered a Sony and a Toshiba (they were both so nice to look at!) but settled for Dell because of the warranty. Both Sony and Toshiba offered an international warranty but it was a send away service or take to 'nearest authorised dealer' which I thought would be a pain, esp if there isn't one close to where you will live - you may have to be without the computer for quite some time. I will almost certainly take the laptop with me when I go on holiday back to the UK every few months where again, it will be covered under warranty for next business day service - which is great for me! I will probably also buy a cheap desktop here in Australia at some point. I have been comparing prices and I personally don't think there is a huge difference now between the UK and Australia but other people may know more about this than me. Just some thoughts from me! Madhu
From dusty

To mvt550

08 Dec 2005 10:07 AM
Madhu, Thanks for the detailed reply, I already have a Tablet but was considering purchasing a Desk top to load on to it all my music and dvd's etc so I did not have to take them. I think I will just purchase a very large external drive and dump all my info on to that and when I buy over their I can just transfer the files. Thanks Claire
From mvt550

To dusty

08 Dec 2005 11:07 AM
Sounds like an excellent idea!
From ABCDiamond

To dusty

08 Dec 2005 12:17 PM
Taking an external Hard Drive, with all your files, is a good idea. Computer prices can vary here. I've just been comparing, as I needed another, and now I'm considering going into the computer reselling business. I think there are profits to be made :)