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electrical items       started by andymogsy on 05 Jan 2006   (6166)
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From andymogsy

05 Jan 2006 1:06 AM
reading the post on plugs, now i know this may also sound like a daft question (but i am pretty daft) can we take electrical items to oz with us like kettles ,toasters, dvd players , tv's, lamps etc and will they all work there just spent
From ammo123

To andymogsy

05 Jan 2006 1:13 AM
Yes you can, and you can change the plugs to ozzy plugs when you get here, but i would say that you should bring some extentions leads with you just to get you by untill you get to change them all. I have just got round to changing almost every electrical thing i have, from the biggest thing, my freezer to my kettle and they all work just fine. Hope this answers your question. Ann-Marie
From andymogsy

To ammo123

05 Jan 2006 1:40 AM
thaks ammo123