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Buying property       started by Chantelle on 01 Feb 2006   (6568)
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From Chantelle

01 Feb 2006 8:45 PM
We will be relocating from South Africa in July on a work permit with the option of applying for PR in 2 years. What I need to know if we will be allowed to buy property, I was told you had to apply for permission from the government if we don't have PR. We're building our dream house in South Africa which we have to sell once it is complete and I'm quite eager to build it in Aus. I know there is a weight Can anyone give some advice on the cost of building in Aus? The building labour in SA is in abundance and really cost effective ... our house is 380m2 and the labour for the structure to roof height was R30k - Au$6500 or GBP2800 - and the structure for a house of that size only takes about 2