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Importing my sports car       started by dkilka on 12 Dec 2002   (66)
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From Aussiemove

12 Dec 2002 8:24 AM
Hi Daniel, Two issues here... first, what would your car cost in Aus? For this, check out - for a Lotus Elise 117 ROADSTER 2dr Man 5sp 1.8i (2002) they reckon $60,600 - $65,500. For actual asking prices, take a look at or - from what I've seen they look a bit higher than the RAC valuation. Second, what will it cost to import? There's a factsheet on the Aus customs site - with all the info - direct link is Roughly, import duty is 15% of current value. Then there's the shipping cost, insurance, steam cleaning, compliance check etc. etc. and finally 10% GST on top of everything. So you can see, the Aus government don't make it very attractive to import your car. However, do the sums and see for yourself. Contact one of the removals companies we have listed to get an idea of the shipping cost. regards Geoff
From DaveBull

To dkilka

17 Aug 2004 3:29 PM
I came over almost two years ago, and the only thing that I regret is having to sell my imaculate Porsche 968 Cab, and Audi A8 4.2 Qtr. Both went very cheaply, and have been replaced by a Honda S2000 (5 years old) and a BMW318i (new). I had to put money into down grading both of these cars and it makes me sick. The reason I'm so upset is that I had both the cars for 5 years before moving, and the import duty is heavily reduced (by 65%) when you've had them this long. I only found that out after we had accepted offers on the cars.... Do your homework is my tip. Be aware that imported cars sell for less, and I think have higher insurance.