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Electrical goods       started by gmartindale on 19 Jan 2004   (716)
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From gmartindale

19 Jan 2004 8:16 AM
Is it worthwhile bringing freezers, playstation 2 tumble dryers as well as tv's??
From sue

To gmartindale

19 Jan 2004 9:37 PM
Hi, we brought the lot. Definetly worth it. Costs a fortune here to buy, especially as you would get next to nothing when you sell prior to coming out.
From scott9870

To sue

20 Jan 2004 4:58 AM
did you have to convert them in any way,like computer,tv,etc.
From sue

To scott9870

21 Jan 2004 7:44 PM
The HI FI's, fridge, hoover, and computer work no problem, but you will have to buy a new modem to comply with Aus laws. The TV's don't have any sound, but we got round this by having the company Foxtel set up our TV with their box (SKY TV in England).
From DinkyDi

To sue

25 Sep 2004 3:10 AM
UK ADSL modem works fine here (speedtouch anyway). Bear in mind local electrickery is 10 amps rather than 13 (UK). So high powered items (kettles, some microwaves, fan heaters, etc) may not work. If it is rated more than 2200-2300W (watts) don't bring it or risk blowing your house main fuse. Check the plate on the back of the appliance. I must add it can be a b@@@@r to change the plug because 13 amp cable is thicker than 10amp so local plugs are a tight squeeze. Can do it but be prepared for some cussing depending on the brand of plug you pick. I recommend bringing a good few UK four-way adapters and just change the plug on them instead. Pick up local VCR second hand ( for around $50. Digital set top box (like ondigital) for about $179 new at Rick Hart Northbridge and commonly availble around $200-400. DD