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Selling stuff       started by lisac on 17 May 2006   (7980)
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From lisac

17 May 2006 10:15 PM
Hi All, I just thought I would pass this tip on as it has worked so well for us! We have decided to sell the majority of our belongings before we move over to Aus. With about 6 weeks (hopefully) until we move out of our house we need to get rid of things quite fast. I have set up a website with pictures of all of the things we wanted to sell, bed, sofa, fridge, table, display units, outside funiture, plus other stuff. We then sent a link to this site around to everyone we know (work colleagues as well as friends) last Friday. Within a week we have managed to sell most of it! I think it is because people can see pictures of things rather than having to come around to view them. I would suggest this method to anyone to can either do this themselves or rope a friend in to help create just a simple one page website? Good luck, Lisa
From Jaykay

To lisac

18 May 2006 12:04 AM
i think it's a gr8 idea lisa, i might try to do that and seen if there's any positive feedback. jk