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DVD Players       started by shmile on 05 Feb 2004   (810)
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From shmile

05 Feb 2004 10:38 PM
This is to all of you who have querried the wisdom of bringing your dvd players/movies with you to Australia given the different region codes out there. I had the same question before I arrived (3 days ago). I just purchased at Tandy Electronics (in all the major malls - known as Radio Shack in Canada) for $89.00, tax in, a dvd player that is programable to player all region DVDs. The instrctions are not included in the manual to the player but are freely given by the staff to anyone who asks. You simply key a code on the remote control, very easy. The staff at the store said all of their dvd players are programable the same way. I had also asked at a video rental location and they had a philips player which was programable the same way for $149. Hope this helps. Mike
From chrishine

To shmile

05 Feb 2004 10:57 PM
Hi whilst on the subject of dvd players does any one know if dvd recorders work ok downunder or do they need modifying to get the sound and video signal working correctly. I now that they can modified to work multi region thanks Chris