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Re: Southern River       started by sandraandian on 18 Jun 2006   (8330)
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From sandraandian

18 Jun 2006 9:47 PM
Hi Jenkins Family, Just read your write up, you say that you are taking your two dogs. Have you got any information regarding taking pets to oz! We have a Jack Russell, as barmy as they come! and we are still not sure whether to take him or not. How do you go about taking the family dog, and how much, Thanks. Sandra and Ian (Davies)
From di_chris

To sandraandian

18 Jun 2006 10:02 PM
Hi Sandra and Ian, Sorry to but in on your message, but we are also taking our dog with us, we have her in a kennels in Chorley ( Preston)the kennels is called Pets On the Move i dont know if this is to far away, have you applied for your permit yet? it is mind boggling but if you want to take him then it will be worth it, Gayle the lady that were dealing with has sent a number of pets to Oz and is very good at knowing her business, we paid
From sandraandian

To di_chris

18 Jun 2006 11:32 PM
Hi di, Yes, thanks for that, it seems alot for pets doen't it, I suppose it will be worth it at the end. We have sent off our visas last week, still along way off yet, but thanks for your comments, you have helped a great deal. Sandra and Ian. P.S good luck in your new life down under.
From helenj

To sandraandian

19 Jun 2006 12:36 AM
hi we got in contact with a few companies there is jets4pets(who we are using) tel no is 01293511456 they are situated in crawley they sent us all the info and have spoken to them at length on the phonwe and they tell you what you need to do chipping, vaccinations,blood tests etc. they seem to be ok we were going to take the cat but have decided against that and are now trying to rehome her here. It is not cheap to take them aprox
From sandraandian

To helenj

19 Jun 2006 4:48 AM
Hi Helen, Thanks for the information, it makes sence, It is really expensive to take your pets over with you more than flying out with the four of you. I so mixed up at the moment of what to do. I know I wasn't going to take the cat because he his quite old now, so I dont think the journey would be good. I am still none the wiser. We are looking at perth to, Duncraig and any good surrounding areas. The cheapest really having read other threads, its so scary with everything going up. Thanks again, San and family.