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Newly owned Items require receipt?       started by Themints on 23 Jun 2006   (8383)
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From Themints

23 Jun 2006 8:13 AM
We were just reading up on the import hints, and it says that items that we take must have been owned for 12 months prior to shipping to Oz....We had a bad christmas, the Fridge broke down the week before, The TV chucked it 2 days after, and the washing machine the week after that ...add to that we have just bought a laptop....none of these items are anywhere near 12 months do we have to pay GST on them?...How would they know that we havent had them for years? Surely we do not need receipts for every item that we send in the container? Any help appreciated Thanks Brian
From Kieren

To Themints

23 Jun 2006 2:32 PM
quote: 'How would they know that we havent had them for years?' They more than likely wouldn't unless you tell 'em! Heres a tip - scrap the original boxes they came in (bit of a give away) and have them packed the same as all your older stuff!! :o) KIEREN
From Themints

To Kieren

23 Jun 2006 7:50 PM
Thanks Kieren, The boxes were chucked out 5 seconds after I opened them, so thats not a problem. I was just wondering though , has anybody had to prove that they had owned an item for longer than 12 mths? ..It does seem a bit strange that they would bother about household stuff , unless you had 4 TV's in boxes ...then they might have reason to think you were importing stuff . We have 2 young kids...nothing lasts 12 mths...Our 5 yr old daughter recently biro'd the couch, which is now ruined and yesterday was sticking staples into the dining room table. At this rate we wont have anything to take with us anyway. Haha. Cheers The Mints