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Cats from Ireland to Australia       started by Colin on 28 Jun 2006   (8423)
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From Colin

28 Jun 2006 9:00 AM
Hello All, Like many of you have already done, or are about to do, I am desperately trying to arrange for my two cats to be relocated from Ireland to Australia. I have done all the neccessary homework myself, including applying for an Import Permit, which I am now waiting for. The difficulty I face is that according to my removals people, there is only one company in Ireland that delas with pet relocation. I find this hard to believe as this means they would have a monopoly on this business and could really take financial advantage of people. I am waiting for a quoete from them, but in the meantime searching on the web has not yielded anything. Has anyone had any experience in relocating animals from the Republic of Ireland to Australia? Thanks in advance