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UK Region 2 dvd players and dvds       started by Linda2007 on 02 Jul 2006   (8479)
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From Linda2007

02 Jul 2006 4:08 AM
2 questions that I have not found a cut and dried answer to yet: If anyone already in Aus can give me the answers I would really appreciate it (you all know how hard it is to decide what to take and what to jettison!): If I take my UK region 2 encoded dvd player (it is not multi-regional) with me to Aus, will it work there with my UK region 2 dvds, using a (normal, not expensive) tv which I will buy in Aus? (I would eventually switch to the Aus region 4, but I am very fond of my present region 2 dvd collection!) Alternatively, if I leave the player behind and instead buy a (cheap) new multi-regional dvd player when I arrive in Aus, would I be able to play my UK region 2 dvds on it? Thanks, Linda
From Kieren

To Linda2007

02 Jul 2006 11:51 AM
Your region 2 player will still play your region 2 DVDs regardless of the TV! But check on the web to see if you can get handset codes to make it region free and save the cost of buying a new one. There was a thread on here not long ago giving web pages that do handset hacks. They will not damage your player at all. Use the SEARCH function of this site. KIEREN
From Linda2007

To Kieren

02 Jul 2006 12:04 PM
Thanks for the info Kieren
From Mark_n_Jude

To Linda2007

02 Jul 2006 8:05 PM
...and a new multi-region player will do exactly what it says on the tin! It'll play your UK region 2 DVD's plus any ones you buy in Oz (Region 4). - M -
From Linda2007

To Mark_n_Jude

03 Jul 2006 3:54 AM
Thanks Mark
From Kieren

To Linda2007

03 Jul 2006 11:02 AM
Most DVD players you buy from supermarkets in the UK (especially Co-op) are region free. We bought one a few months before coming over from Co-op for about 15.00 pounds, and its multiregion. Might be worth buying one before you come over? Cheers, KIEREN
From ABCDiamond

To Linda2007

03 Jul 2006 1:41 PM
To check out which DVD players are multiregion check this site: Cheap Australian DVD players are being advertised for about $49 (with 12 months warranty), most appear to be multi-region. (But not my Pioneer model !) I just checked my cheap Conia M220, and that is multi-region. It plays my Region 2 & 4 DVDs OK.
From Linda2007

To ABCDiamond

05 Jul 2006 8:14 AM
Kieren and ABC Diamond - thanks for the useful advice, it's much appreciated! Regards, Linda