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Electrician courses       started by rhyshope on 27 Jul 2006   (8794)
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27 Jul 2006 8:45 AM
This message was posted recently by CRH hope it helps. I have been following the recent posts regarding licensing for electricians and plumbers and thought a bit of inside info would be advantageous to those in the process. All trades are assessed by TRA for recognition of skills to work in Australia and each state then has its ownsystem. As an electrician in WA I can tell you the following notes are the process I went through to get my licence and the fees are what i paid 2 years ago. All trades have to go through some assessment or exam even hairdressers. 1. go to the office of energy in Southport street, Perth. Take all trade cert`s. and references and JIB card. They will photocopy certain documents and put these to the board that meets twice a month and assess your skills. FEE $31 2.The board put you into 3 groups: a.Suitable to just take exams b.Suitable to do electrical training c.Not suitable 3. If you are ok to take exams you ring Swan TAFE at Balga and book written exam. This is a 2 part exam with a multiple choice followed by 10 questions on the current wiring rules(about $75 to buy). FEE $30 4.If you pass you can then book the practical(4 hour) exam which has 6 parts: connect an industrial skt, connect a DOL motor cicuit,connect a small installation on a board of 2 way and intermediate switching a lampholder and a skt, test 2 irons and log any faults found,calculate a volt drop from wiring tables(about $90 to buy but they have copies to lend) and test a 4 bed house installation on a big test board. FEE $110 5. If you pass you can then have an `A' grade electrical licence. FEE $260 The exams are passable (60% passmark) 1st go as i managed, but you only get 3 goes at the theory and each go is a different paper. If you fail 3 times it is plan b. This is a training course part time for 18 weeks and it ran twice a year. This option has no exams at the end as you are assessed during the course. If you fail the course then its plan c, which involves looking for a new career. A freind at work said he applied for a licence last year and there was a 9 month waiting list to do the exams but they are trying to reduce that. Another freind who failed the exams last september could not get on a course until August 2006. The course fee in 2004 was just over $200 not including books. If you want to do data or phones you need an AUSTEL licence at about $800. If you want to fit alarms you need a $600 security licence. To work self employed you need all of the above and a contractors licence which is not cheap and is 3 weeks full time. Will try find the cost if anyone wants it. There is plenty of work here in Perth and a lot of money can be earned in mining. BUT there is nobody at the airport offering jobs when you get off the plane as some have been told by their agents. All electrical and plumbing work is vigourously regulated and you put your licence number on everything you do. You cant buy certain things in Bunnings (aussie B&Q) without showing a trade licence. Hope the above info is helpful to anyone hoping to start a new life over here but be prepaired to pay and wait. You can work under permit if you have been accepted(fee $65) but must be supervised by a licence holder.If I can answer any questions for anyone I will try my best. Regards, Carl.