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UK digibox in Aus       started by Kieren on 07 Aug 2006   (8957)
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From Kieren

07 Aug 2006 11:17 AM
Hi guys, Have had loads of questions asking if UK digiboxes work in Australia, and I did say ages ago that I would hook mine up and check. Finaly got round to it this weekend, and can confirm that it DOES NOT work. After some further investigation, it appears that the UK transmit their DTV on a different transmittal frequency to most other countries. However, from 2012 they are changing the frequency to suit the rest of Europe and also Australia (which, incidentally, currently uses the same frequency as Europe). So there you have it; the answer, for the moment anyway, is NO, your UK digibox is very unlikely to work in Australia. KIEREN
From Bex_and_Al

To Kieren

07 Aug 2006 10:19 PM
Ha, thanks for that. husband was asking the very same thing over the weekend. cheers