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What Paperwork should we take??       started by raoulandclare on 14 Aug 2006   (9069)
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From raoulandclare

14 Aug 2006 11:58 PM
Hi everyone Can anyone advise what paperwork we should take with us in our hand luggage (or should that be suitcase?!) Am just starting to sort through stuff, would six months bank statements be enough (will we need these)? Letters from gas, electric, etc stating we have been good payers? NCD for cars? Old wage slips? P60s? What paperwork is needed to rent a house? Am a bit stuck with this so any advice will be gratefully received.......then it's another job done! Roll on October!! Thanks a lot Clare
From Carmel

To raoulandclare

15 Aug 2006 1:56 AM
Clare, Definitely take your car insurance details if you have a no claims bonus - it will help get you a discount with your car insurance over here. Also, if you have had private health insurance at all, take that with you, too. If you go on to private medical here, for every year you defer joining a private med scheme over the age of about 31/32, they charge you a 2% increase to your premium with each year after that age that has passed until you finally sign up. If you've had cover in the UK, though, and provided that you get your medical insurance here within about 2 months, they will usually accept the previous years of insurance premiums as subscribing to private health. On the other hand, you may not wish to bother with private health at all - choice is yours. Cheers, Carmel
From raoulandclare

To Carmel

15 Aug 2006 6:02 PM
Hi Carmel Thanks a lot. Just wanted to say as well how informative your recent posts have been- dare I say that one or two brought a tear to my eye! Good to see an honest and very open opinion. Cheers Clare