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Clothes for October       started by Jonwork on 17 Aug 2006   (9122)
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From Jonwork

17 Aug 2006 8:11 PM
Can anyone answer the following questions? 1)What clothes would be suitable to take out to Perth in October? 2)At job interveiws what would you be expected to wear? (suit, shirt tie and trousers?)this may depend on the type of job your applying for of course, but at work here in the UK i normally have to wear shirt and trousers, as i'm a project manager. Thanks in advance Jon
From Andrea

To Jonwork

17 Aug 2006 10:58 PM
October is changeable. It can be really warm , or it can be pretty cool. It was last year as my daughter had a birthday party outside and we all froze (during the day).So jeans, t shirts and fleeces. But chuck some shorts in too. It could be 30 degrees. Yes, suit,shirt tie,for PM interviews. Andrea
From Kieren

To Jonwork

18 Aug 2006 6:13 PM
Though office drees codes are more relaxed here in Perth, I would advise on usual 'UK formal wear' for interviews etc. I attended 4 interviews whilst on rekkie and wore black jeans, jacket, shirt and tie, and got offers from all companies. The 'first impressions' thing works a treat here. Pretty sure the 'dress to impress' thing works very well here for interviews! Most offices in the city have a 'casual clothes' day on Fridays, but ur best to get settled first before getting too adventurous!! KIEREN