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Going home       started by Paul_F on 07 Sep 2006   (9370)
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From Paul_F

07 Sep 2006 1:09 PM
Well - after nearly 3 years we are heading back to England. The main reason is that Mrs F doesn't like Australia enough to outweigh not seeing her family as often as she'd like. There are things I miss about England as well (Liverpool FC being high on the list), but I'd say I was about 60:40 for staying out here. The kids are probably 60:40 for going back, and Mrs F is 95:5 for going back, so it's the obvious conclusion to reach. The one thing that I'd say is that even though it will have cost us a bit moving backwards and forwards, I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Australia has been really enjoyable and a great experience for all of us. And there is always the possibility that we join the ranks of boomerang poms in the future when we realise we've made a mistake. I think you have to leave somewhere to properly appreciate it. I think that's true of the UK (a lot of the negative posts about modern life in Britain on sites like this really wind me up - particularly where very localised problems are used as reasons for moving to the other side of the planet: Why not just move house?). It will probably also be true of Perth, but at least 2 years down the track we will be able to make a well-informed decision about where we want to be. The advice I'd give others looking to come out here would be: - Research as much as you can but don't think you will ever be 100% informed until you've lived here for a bit. - Make absolutely sure you will be able to use your skills/experience. I was lucky enough to have a job lined up, but others find that just because DIMIA accepts your qualifications doesn't mean local trade associations will agree. - Accept that it is a long way from the UK, that Aussie wages don't go far when buying plane tickets home and that family and friends will struggle to afford the time off work to come and see you. - Don't expect England with sun - although the cultural differences between England and Australia are very minor compared to other countries you might go to. - Most of all, if you think it is something you would like to try - just do it. You can always move back if it doesn't work out. Anyway, on a final note - if anyone wants to buy a house in Canning Vale, ours is very nice....$FF$3F$7#top
From jimboman

To Paul_F

08 Sep 2006 4:17 AM
I returned with my family back in 1979. Mum and to a lesser degree, Dad, both missed their families. It was harder to keep in touch those days and during our (just short of) 9 years there, neither saw any of their extended families. One massive mistake we did make, was not taking out citizenship. I relied on a re-entry permit which was valid for 3 years. However, I was unable to take advantage of this and so after three years I had no more rights than any other non Australian. I have wanted to go back permanently ever since and life would have been so much easier had I taken part in that brief ceremony. I have applied now as my occupation is on the MODL (I have started the process 3 times in the last 10 years only for circumstances to conspire against me.) Your kids may think that they would rather be in England but to have an Aussie Citizenship gives them a way out if ever they change their minds. You will always be British by birth-right. I can't begin to describe how much it hurts to have been brought up in a country and yet to have no more right of entry than any other non Australian. If asked my nationality at 17 I would have answered 'Australian' without thinking (and in a broad strine). I was only British by birth. Best of luck with your return. I may be wrong, but at least house prices should have worked in your favour (who ever thought they'd see the day).