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Importing a Motorcycle help please?       started by buffy on 24 Sep 2006   (9601)
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From buffy

24 Sep 2006 8:19 AM
I was looking at the price of used bikes in Perth and it seems a lot cheaper to buy one in the UK and import it. Can you buy one from a dealer for export VAT free as you will pay GST in Oz? Do you have to own the vehicle for any time prir to export? (Some people seem to say a year but i do not ssee this figure on the customs site!). Any help appreciated and I want a nice used BMW 11/1150 GS if it is possible. Ian Thanks all
From dave

To buffy

24 Sep 2006 9:54 AM
Hi There Im not sure about bikes but they do say anything you import that is new or less than a year old you have to pay tax on it. So would assume bikes would be the same and to be honest why bother bikes and cars in my experience arent that different in price here. And i found the car i bought was cheaper than in uk (mitsubishi challenger) and if you bring a uk bike you have to get it inspected then theres the speedo in mph instead of kilometres. Unless its a classic sounds like a whole heap of hassle you dont need. But what do I know. Regards Dave
From Themints

To buffy

24 Sep 2006 8:30 PM
Hello Buffy, Have you read this importguide? It gives you an idea of what you will have to pay. I am surprised that you say bikes are cheaper in the Uk, It must just be because you are thinking of a BMW, and it's dearer because its european...I was looking at taking my CBR600 over, my visa has stopped me doing that , but it certainly didn't look worth it as I found that the Jap bikes were much cheaper in OZ, especially new bikes. I was looking about and found this. Uk Brand new 2006 CBR600RR Dobles Price
From chrisbye

To Themints

27 Sep 2006 4:51 AM
I looked into this extensively, and I'm pretty sure you will have to pay to import it. The guide referenced in the previous reply is what I was using as a guide too. For me the deal-breaker was that I am going on a 457 visa, and the import procedure is set up more for permanent residents. E.g. to get an 'import approval' (which you need to have in hand before the bike arrives in port, else you may be required to send the bike back, destroy it, or possibly be prosecuted), you need to show evidence like a receipt for relocation of your goods, an Oz address, a tax file number, etc. In the end for me it was just too much to deal with. I ended up deciding to mothball my bike in Canada for now, get something else in Oz, and then revisit the importation option down the road when I'm more 'settled'.
From knsc

To chrisbye

27 Sep 2006 5:33 AM
Hi. These are two more gov. sites which give information about importing motorcycles, cars into Austraila.