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Meeting with Michelle
15 Oct 2008
Thanks for the kind words Chan.Lets continue to push forward.You are so right about family.
15 Oct 2008
Our meeting with Michelle was at 10am today.We only finished chatting at around 11.30am.
What a smart person she is.She knows exactly how we feel and helped with the bundle of visa questions we had.Theres 3 types of visa's we are eligible for,need to get our heads around that soon.

Next step for us is
1.SIGN the agreement form
2.make the payment to agent
3.English test
4.skills test

Unabridged certificates sorted out
This is only the beginning but i feel the questions creeping on me...........
Is it the right thing to do?
When i look at my aunt she looks like shes going to cry,how can i do this to her cos she is like a mother to me?
The comfort of starting the car and going to gym or the shop,will i be able to cope there?
The idea of knowing where home is especially when we go out for half the day or more,will we feel that way in Australia?
Will the kids settle well without any familiar faces there?
Will they enjoy the school there?

Its only the beginning but i have a feeling emotions are going to run high in the coming months.
Will it be my emotions?ONLY TIME WILL TELL.

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