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04 Nov 2008
I kid you not there's another story for today and boy would i have loved to hit him on the head.
At my hubby's request to get a quote for renovations to our home i contacted a builder.
He was going through the details when i told him i am not looking at spending too much,seeing as we want to sell next year and move to OZ.

He starts relating stories of people that came back from OZ cos either the people are not friendly in oz or they miss family too much.He later went on to suggest hubby and i sit down and discuss why we want to leave.Maybe we want to 'run away from something'

I was lost for words all i did was nod.Then i realized that he was on the religion topic.I am proudly an Hindu.Was born Hindu,married an Hindu man and love my religion.
He was Hindu converted to Christian.He says we should look at another way of life and not run away from this one.Please understand that i have nothing against Christianity or Christians for that matter.He went on to explain how his cousin approached him last week to tell him they had converted.

First he makes it sound like i am a criminal running away from something,then he insults me with the religion topic.I proudly wear a red dot between my eyebrows,that's my 'third eye'.Probably to be weary of people like him and the lady in gym class.

His son is an IT specialist and recently approached him about immigrating,he talked him out of it by asking him if the R22,000 wages per month is not good enough.I tried explaining the reasons we are immigrating,high crime,better quality life and the fact that we want to explore at least some of this world we live in but it fell on deaf ears.

All this talk outside in the freezing cold and wind.The man was grating my last nerve when i looked at the time and announced i need to fetch Nico from school.Mind you the drive was not easy with all this negativity so i came home and posted on the discussion board.Thanks guys for your replies.
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