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Sad news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
06 Feb 2009
It has been a long time since my last topic.Sadly Mervin's dad past away on the 26th January.Definitely a huge shock to us all.He was only 65 and seemed so strong but i guess his pains were his own and he was not the kind of person who sat around complaining.
To me personally he was a very nice father-in law,and someone who we asumed would always be around.

Well after the initial shock we had to pull ourselves together and prepare for the funeral and other arrangements.Mervin is okay now that he is back at work.It helps to take the mind off things,so anyway we will be busy over the next few days with prayer after prayer.

Mervin will take another computer exam on Monday and then one more 2 weeks later.Seems like we are hanging on by a thread(to our sanity,whilst dreaming of Adelaide). There is the pressure of everyday life to deal with.
Mervin has exams to study for and the house needs attention after the really bad storm
we had.Our gate motor,home alarm and computer were struck.Sounds like we live outdoors doesn't it.Now the geyser has failed us,this is the time when we realize why we pay huge amounts for insurance.
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