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Things change and life goes on
22 Apr 2009
Today is my wonderful hubby's birthday. We are sooo tired after the drama that unfolded over the last few weeks, so to say we have recovered is an understatement. Never the less all is not lost. We had a lovely lunch without the kids, just us and time to talk about our new life that's soon to follow.Some of you may understand that we need time away from the kids.

Now that the agents are being liquidated we have researched even more on this RPL on-line submission and might i add that we are very clued up now with the whole process. Being so stressed out the last few weeks, I found myself sleeping late and waking up so early. Hence the time to research and trawl through sites and get information.

We are so ready to submit our application for the RPL.We are awaiting the certificate for the last exam that was taken. Should be here very soon.
I have researched the caregiver course and have been to a local old age home. There is a course offered at R2500. There is also a certificate that is given after the duration of study, which is 3 months.Three days a week will be practicals, working hands on in the home and the Saturdays are lectures.

I have paid a deposit and am so interested in this because since turning 30 last December I am more convinced than ever that to find my purpose in life is what will make me happy
Now dont get me wrong,caring for my family and being a wife and mother is the most rewarding job ever. It has been successfully achieved over the last 12 years and will continue.
Changes are not easy but i have a very supportive hubby and 2 understanding boys.My youngest is 3 and a half so he will be in the creche. Actually he will be in the same yard as me cos the creche is situated next to the home where i will work. Just had to arrange transport from school for my 10 year old to be dropped off at my MIL.
Hubby has quiet happily volunteered to fetch the boy at 5.30pm seeing as i will only finish at 6pm. Yip that's right I will start at 7am and finish at 6pm. People ask me if I am out of my mind.Housewife with every little convenience at her fingertips. Well I choose this because now it is time for me to succeed in what I have always wanted-- 'to be a nurse'. What better time to start than now.

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