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Car break-in
12 Jun 2009
In the early hours of this morning hubby heard a sound outside and then a similar sound followed.He decided to check what it was and went into the passage and moved the curtains , not seeing anything at first he was about to close the curtains when he saw a persons head move.He immediately opened the window and shouted at the person.Imagine being in a deep sleep like i was in at 1.30am and someone shouting.What would be your reaction?
I practically jumped out the bed and ran into the passage.By this time the animal had disappeared.He ran down a steep bank at the back and scaled a high fence then disappeared into the neighbors yard.It was quiet dark and the neighbors maid who is always left alone at home to clean up and is employed very recently i might add never heard a dame thing.She`s got a sought of tin house at the back.

I really am suspecting her because she would have easily heard hubby shout or with the person fleeing past her 'house' what are the chances that she knew what was happening.
I will tell you what the chances are.All the maids my neighbor has ever had , she changes all the time for various reasons but mostly because the maid herself cannot manage their nonsense and too much work for one person kind of story.You know how you feel when you saw something a while ago and now it begins to fall into place.Well when the maid was first employed here about 3 weeks ago i was upstairs looking trough the curtain and she never knew i was there but she was close to the fence on her side looking over and when i moved the curtain she pulled back so fast. Another thing i picked up on is that other maids were curious and looked directly at me or into my kitchen when the door was open but this one out of about 15 was pretending she was not curious and i was wondering why, well now i know.She didnt want to greet me or look directly at me so i would ward off any suspicion.It gets me so angry that all the people in this road keep their yards neat and there's no huge trees for anyone to hide under except for my neighbor.They have a over grown mango tree that serves no purpose, either the mango's are horribly marked or don't survive because of monkeys.So why the hell not trim it down it is falling into my yard so badly that if 10 'animals' were hiding there we wont know.This morning while in conversation about the incident we politely asked them both husband and wife to trim the tree and they never even responded more like they ignored us. Unfair when they are the ones that don't have any means of security at home not even a proper gate to come into their yard, their house is next to a massive bush with grass and weeds as tall as a mountain, no alarm in the car and they wait for every small school holiday to lock up and go stay with family, not to mention their house is falling apart and the husband is a deputy Principle of a secondary school.Sometimes they go away for a whole month. Hubby and i always joke about 'we need to be more like them with a very basic don't care attitude' maybe then we would remain here..........I THINK NOT,,I CANT LET MY GUARD DOWN

Living in South Africa is no piece of cake, hell we should all be awarded for bravery.
Being brave enough to live here, to walk on the street,to go shopping,to even leave our homes and venture out.Well home is not safe any longer if these animals can walk into our yard and take or destroy what we have worked hard for.Come on ACS just make my dreams come true pleeeeeeeeeeeese....pretty please!!!!!!!!
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