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loving and living life happily
22 Jul 2011
Did`nt take us long to settle down, all of 2 months.No regrets and never looked back or wished for going home,this is home now.Such a pretty place. We have met many friendly and wonderful people,not really all auzzie,so from South Africa and others from various parts of the world.Thats the one single exciting thing about this place,not everyones born in Australia,95% of the time they are people who have immigrated at some stage in their lives.

House we are renting is beautiful,lovely park at our back door and very well maintained area.Hubby has secured a job that he is comfortable in,its his second job since we arrived.
Once he decided on taking the second job there were so many phone calls about other positions he had applied for,oh well....Murphys Law i am guessing.He now works 5 minutes drive from home and is happy in the work enviroment.

My boys are loving Adelaide, schools been out for 2 weeks and they are hopping with excitement to get back to school,mmmmm,,,must be something good about oz schools then,they were never happy in RSA.

As for me,,,still doing home duties,,,but studying at the same time.Have settled on Childrens Services as my qualification.
Busy,busy these days with all the learning and the brain needs to crank up again.
Glad we made the right move and wish the same for all you guys out there,may your journey be just as fullfilling and exciting as ours,tc.

I just love this pic of my boys riding freely in and around the neighbourhood.
At a friends house,we had a ball,,cut grapefruit,mandarine and lemons from her tree.She pleaded with me to take more but after we looked back,it seems we didnt even come close to raiding the tree.Beautiful.
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