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21 Nov 2008
can any one offer any reasuring advise ..... we lodged our state sonsored application paper form agust 08 our migration agent told us that we would be waiting approx five months max today we recieved an email as i have been badgering him for some sort of time scale as we have sold our house and have to move out from our house on jan 30th 09 and was getting very worried as no one wants to burden there parents too long and his email tells me today that visa applications that were lodged dec 07 are only just being looked at ... this has scared the lifeout of me as i wasn't prepared to be staying at my mums for ni on six months and im sure she wont be that thrilled baout it either .... is anyone else in the same boat or has any one got any light to shed on the subject
any help or advise will be greatly recieved thanx
a very emotional and frustrated
emma x
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