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26 Jul 2009
well its been three months and we are still lovig it here dont get me wrong we have days when we thing what the hell have we done but its people not england that we miss ... its like a different world here lifestyle is a total change i think we have done more in 3 months here than we ever did in the uk ... i am working in a cafe now and absolutly love it but life is much easier when you have a routine ! lisa has settled in so well and has made lots of friends at school and has been to more sleepovers here than she ever did in the uk so happy days ! we have made some fabulous friends aussie and english and there is no such thing as a boring weekend here as your either on family days out or at friends having a drinky poos .... its winter here at the moment but still have not bought a coat as i really dont feel the need to wear one how mad is that when you have been used to a full lenghth puffer jacker hat gloves scarf for the last twenty odd years ha ha ... but on the whole oz is fantastic and more than we had hoped it would be so for now oz thumbs up !!!!!
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