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06 Oct 2008
Hi Chan!

Thanks for sharing all that detail with me! So we might be running into you guys somewhere in the outback? That's great! Everyone else seems to be going to a major centre and we were the only ones heading for the bush!

I think you have 'scared' me into getting an agent!!! LOL Wow - the trick is WHO do you use. Umhlanga is a bit too far for me. Heard of a couple of people being ripped off by bogus agents, etc, so a personal recommendation is really important. Unfortunately, hubby is a real DIY kind of guy so it is going to take a bit of persuading to get him to use an agent. I think once I start bombarding him with the complexities he might come around. It sounds like it is hard enough work doing it through an agent nevermind trying to figure out what to do and then still do all the hard work too!

I'm shocked about the English test thing - seems to be another point I missed. So even as an English speaking university graduate from South Africa, you have to do an English test? Another blogger has mentioned this to me so I really must get onto it. Where do you do that?

And the military service thing? Where do you get that from?

The rest seems kind of normal. I've downloaded the 47ES form and will have a good look at it.

That proving your relationship thing is really weird - we have a small baby and haven't been travelling and holidaying much. Don't think we have ever been invited to a wedding in our 3 years of marriage. I'll definitely be interested to hear what your agents say about this.

Yes, you are right I've just decided: an agent is the way to go. There are so many weird and wonderful COSTLY things you have to deal with that you can't afford to miss a trick and do something wrong.

Anyway, thanks again for all the kind info! I wish you and your family the best of luck with this endeavour!
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06 Oct 2008
Hi Audrey

I am sorry you feel this way about my decision to use 'false' names. I was honest right up from about using pen names. Nothing sinister is intended at all. Please understand, we are dealing with sensitive issues regarding my husband's employment - current and future. These blogs are mighty popular and you don't know who could read them. You can't assume everyone who comes on here is your best buddy and will respect your private, sensitive information. People at his present place of employment do not know he wants to leave. He has not as yet secured the new position in Australia. As someone like yourself in recruitment don't you think it would be embarrassing having one of your candidate's wives pouring out all the intimate details of a job prospect on the Internet, especially an international one like this? This is all SO important to us and I certainly do not feel comfortable blurting out all sorts of sensitive, confidential information like this on a public blog. These personal details are really not that important at the end of the day anyway to the blog readers - what is important is accounts of the experience in general and that I am a good, kind, sincere person genuinely reaching out at this simultaneously exciting and nervewracking time of our lives. I am 'sharing' as you put it and I called myself 'Sarah' and not 'Mickey Mouse'. You say you are uncomfortable responding to someone who may/may not be who they say they are - I made a point right up front about names so everyone knows from the outset and I responded to you with a PM using my real name. I am also being truthful, as you put it. To be quite honest, I do feel quite offended by your post but I'll try be a big girl about it as I am sure it was not your intention to offend. Your blog was one of the first I read and I thought it was great - can't believe that in absolute innocence out of the desire to protect my family I have somehow offended you. Your message has made me feel unwelcome which is rather sad.

By the way, I had a blog once upon a time in my real name. Seriously bad move! A psycho ex-boyfriend googled my name and started following all the details of my life online. It was at the time just before I got married. It totally freaked me out. I was also so disappointed as I was planning to do blog reviews on my fabulous 5 star wedding and honeymoon. I stopped blogging about it and then he started smsing me: 'I'm suffering from withdrawal symptoms! Give me more updates.' Needless to say I went underground and stayed there!

Kind regards, SARAH
06 Oct 2008
In reply to kayandandy's question:
We have applied for a 456 short stay business visa and not a tourist visa for our initial visit for the following reasons:
1) a 456 accurately reflects the intention of Gavin's stay, ie. business, whereas a tourist visa does not
2) the Australian company asked him to apply for a 456 and supplied the forms and a motivation letter to the High Commission requesting them to expedite the processing - I don't think it would make a good impression on a prospective employer if one went ahead and applied for another category of visa all together and
3) now for the most practical reason: a 456 business visa ordinarily takes a mere 10 working days to process whereas a tourist visa takes 20 working days to process. Gavin would really be in trouble had he applied for a tourist visa as the company wants him over there ASAP - actually wanted him there this coming week but that has turned out to be impossible as the visa isn't through yet.

When I mentioned the skills assessment and the proof of a continuing relationship in my 'homework' blog, I was referring to the actual big emigration visa application and not merely the 456 business visa. The 456 application is already in. I didn't come across anything about applying online and no one at VFS Global mentioned this option to me. Thanks for the tip however - I will certainly check this out for future reference!
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05 Oct 2008
I decided to take my own advice and relook the visa requirements. How did I miss the 'completed qualification assessment from the appropriate assessment authority' issue??? I'd better get on to it.

Also discovered there's another possible visa category that may apply. Looks like we'll be going for either the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 119/857) visa or the Employer Nominated Scheme (Subclass 126/856) visa. The difference between the two is working in a regional area or not - for the regional one you have a 2 year work obligation and for the other one, 3 years. I'm 99,9% sure we'll be going somewhere 'regional'.

Thanks so much to AudreyS and her advice - especially the bit about proving the 'continuing and ongoing' nature of our relationship. I would have thought this would only apply to de facto relationships and not married couples. Would you believe it, I threw out some old hotel reservations only a few days ago as part of my sorting out efforts. I hope I still have the email copies of these documents.

Are we insane wanting to attempt this without an agent? I like to think it is possible to do it without one especially seeing that if this job application is successful, we'll be doing it with a bit of backup from a large and experienced company.
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