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Preparing for the outback
02 Jan 2009
Just a note of sunscreen found at :

'Currently, the Australian regulatory authorities allow a maximum rating on the label of SPF30+ for sunscreens sold in Australia even if the actual SPF maybe higher.'

That statement explains a lot of things on the subject.

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09 Nov 2008
Kayandandy has now been elevated to new levels of regard: she has canoed with crocs! I'm way too much of a scaredycat for that. I wasn't too happy when I learnt about the prehistoric-like crocs that lurk about up north. I don't think they are inland but it has somewhat ruined the idea of beach holidays relatively nearby. Guess I'll learn about where they are exactly as I go along on this info gleaning path of mine.

Yip - will definitely stock up on the positive attitude. I am keen on the adventure and the new experience of it all. I'll always been curious about small town life so here's my chance!

Check out if you want to consider buying Bioderma SFP 100 from South Africa. Pop 'bioderma' into the search field.
07 Nov 2008
Thanks for the interesting comments on SPFs! That will save me hording boxes of tubes of SPF 100 cream in my precious cargo!
Bioderma SPF 100
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07 Nov 2008
I'm not sure if anything can quite prepare us for the huge change in lifestyle, ie. extreme heat, but we can try.

One of the things that surprised me when hubby was over there on his look see trip was receiving an SMS from him saying 'I'm freezing to death!' This reminded me of a trip to Dubai that I made several years ago when I encountered the same problem: unbearably hot outside and freezing cold inside as the aircons are set so low ... usually at a ridiculously cold 18 degrees. Fortunately we will be able to control our temperature in our own home at a more civilised 22 degrees or so. We must make sure we pack a few jumpers each in our 20kg luggage despite the fact that we'll be arriving there in the height of summer.

One thing I noticed on the DVD he made me was the fact that his tour guide was wearing a long-sleeved blouse (bearing in mind it was 38 degrees on the day of his visit). Also, for his site visit he was instructed to wear a long-sleeved cotton shirt. They wear long sleeves over there to protect themselves from the sun. I never thought that a move to Australia would entail a change in my style of wardrobe. I guess that only applies to when you are outdoors in the heat of the day (which I can imagine I'll avoid as far as practically possible, reserving my outdoors time to early morning and late afternoons). Looking forward to a really hot day so I can see if one can literally fry an egg on the pavement.

We'll also have to start wearing hats. And yes, there are flies (euch) and hubby says he saw people walking around wearing hats with mini bugscreens! A must-have fashion accessory no doubt. I'm imagining living in a town with a bunch of people walking around looking almost like beekeepers!

By accident, I stumbled upon some 'desert' clothes (long or 3/4 sleeves) made out of 100% cotton so I won't have to run out looking for these things as soon as we get there. I was amazed to find a wide selection of suitable adult female clothes in that style here. I haven't found anything suitable for baby yet. Got to protect that beautiful, supersoft baby skin!

A friend of mine in Melbourne told me that the highest SPF she has managed to find in Australia is 30. Has anybody else encountered that problem? I'll have to pop some heavy duty cream in my luggage.
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