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23 Feb 2009
Here's our house ... sweet and neat! Those blinds are going to be a pest to care for but they do look nice and provided a quick fix for the window dressing problem.
Our house - the minimal maintenance in the frontyard suits me down to the ground. Interesting, attractive drought resistant plants have been planted - each with their own little sprinkler. 'Full sun' is no problem over here! I'll try find pics of larger specimens for the horticulturalists out there.
Someone left the kitchen in the middle of the dining room! Other than that. the workmanship is immaculate ... quite astonishly so.
Baby loves the backyard. Everything in on a timer reticulation system. I like the washing line on the left compared to the usual round ones.
Lovely, large patio leading off the lounge and dining room. Such a lovely high roof! Great for outdoor entertaining. At least here you can buy some decent outdoor furniture without the fear of it being stolen. There are handy bug screens everywhere and all the glass is special glass treated for extreme environmental conditions.
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23 Feb 2009
Here's our house ... sweet and neat!

19 Feb 2009
In reply to Mindblower - no pics yet but it is something I'll definitely be doing soon. Folk want to know what our luxury corrugated hut looks like!
16 Feb 2009
We have a house! We had a choice between an older house or two, practically identical new houses and we went for a new house. The old house is less than 1km from the shops, has a huge backyard and shed, nice separate kitchen, dining and lounge plus a bath, but it so drab and dismal and I can't bear the thought of having to scrub the place silly and make friends with those old carpets in the bedrooms. Euch. The general surroundings of the property are also a bit grungy. It is a brick and mortar house but is uninspiring to put it mildly.

The new house is about 1,5km from the shops so it is still within walking distance. I really enjoy my little walk almost everyday with baby to the shops and post office. It may be a bit far in the hot months but will be fab in autumn, winter and spring. It is a corrugated iron house but is surprisingly stylish inside. All the rooms have dark wood horizontal blinds (not vertical office blinds like the old house). The main bedroom has an en suite bathroom and walk in wardrobe (did not expect those luxuries!). The two other bedrooms share a separate bathroom - so we score an additional bathroom as the old house only had one. It has a nice separate laundry with loads of packing space. The lounge is a bit pokey but it steps out onto a large covered patio and you have a nice view of the red hills giving you a sense of space. I'm a bit perplexed by the other living area. It is a huge room with the kitchen in the middle of it. I am not a fan of open plan at all but given the choice between old and grotty or new and open plan, I went for the open plan. On the one side of the kitchen by the front door is a space I suppose you could use as an entrance hall of sorts and the other side would be the dining room. It has a fair size outside utility room. Sadly, like most houses here it only has one carport so we'll have to make do with that. This house is also on the better side of town and near a nice primary school. It is a house I can be proud of as it definitely has 'beat'. This house is also a few houses away from one of my new friends. Now we just have to wait for our stuff to arrive.

The front and back gardens have been landscaped. Instead of grass in the front yard, they have woodchips around the shrubs. Great as that reduces the work that needs to be done and will always look neat. These corrugated houses need to be kept immaculately as they can start looking tatty on the outside with a bit of neglect. The back garden is small (no pool and I am relieved having a small child in the house) with a neatly edged flowerbed and fine grass. Whichever way you look from the property you see bare red hills surrounding you - the property is on the edge of nowhere.
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16 Feb 2009
Today is an exciting day ... the mine has invited us to go housepicking this morning. Can't wait to see what is on offer and which one we will finally pick. We saw some new little mine houses around town yesterday ... corrugated iron in two colours (grey plus a colour) with neat little landscaped gardens. I like the blue ones. It will be a first for us living in a corrugated iron house being used to bricks and mortar. Maybe older refurbished houses are available. Oh well, let's see what the universe has in store for us. Our airfreight also arrives today too. Good stuff all round!