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Seafreight delivered
26 Feb 2009
Ooooh ... me poor feet! I hope we don't have to move again for a long time. Here's a foot remedy for those who suffer similarly: before going to bed, soak your feet in a foot spa in water as hot as you can tolerate, sprinkled with a few drops of lavendar essential oil, for half an hour. Dry your feet off and massage in some plain, rich lotion to which you have added several drops of peppermint essential oil. Put on some socks, go to bed and hopefully you'll feel better in the morning.
25 Feb 2009
Our stuff arrived today as promised. I still can't believe it got here so fast as I was mentally prepared to settle into the temporary house until March and beyond. I've actually been very comfortable living with limited quantities of stuff and this is all another reminder that we all generally have way too much stuff.

Unpacking is far from complete. I have 5 and a half boxes of kitchen stuff to go and those tiny kitchen cupboards are already overflowing. My less used kitchen items are being packed into the laundry which has substantial packing space. I have enough crockery to run a small restaurant! I wish I had been more ruthless in SA but the truth is I did give away tons of stuff but I could have ditched a whole lot more. Now I'm sitting with stuff I felt too sentimental to let go of but am now irritated by the clutter it is causing.

And the clothes ... why didn't I dump more??? I've been living quite happily on the stuff I brought with me on the flight but now tons of stuff has arrived. I chucked out most of my corporate kit and high heels mercifully and kept just two or three jackets though I can't imagine wearing them ever again. And why did I hang onto that leather jacket???

Tip for leavers from SA: ditch your stuff in SA where there are tons of people who will really appreciate it, being a country with a greater need for secondhand goods. My domestic scored big time in terms of stuff given to her (including two microwave ovens!) but I could have given her so much more to distribute amongst her family and now it is too late. Maybe there is an interest in secondhand goods here in the bundus compared to the cities?

Much to my delight, our clothes and linen did not emerge smelling all musty, rather like they just needed to be aired a little which is understandable. I had visions of having to wash everything in sight from what I have read of other people's experiences but that is really not necessary.

Our leather lounge suite arrived in perfect nick ... no slashes or gashes mercifully. Only two casualties so far ... one of the glass panes of a display cabinet and a sturdy looking ceramic sugar pot of sentimental value.

So far I have noted that customs opened up most of my boxes containing my weird, wonderful and sometimes rather arbitrary artsy craft stuff. The regular stuff was left alone. We never scrubbed our shoes with anything ... just wiped them down with a soft, dry cloth, that's it ... and they got through without a hassle.

The slog will continue tomorrow. We fortunately do not have to move out of the temporary house just yet.

17 Feb 2009
We've just been informed our seafreight will be arriving next week! Good grief. That is fast. I wonder what has gotten into them as I've always heard stories about things taking months and months to arrive and get through customs. Looks like door to door from South Africa to the outback (nogal) is less than 2 months. It makes the late arrival of our airfreight rather disgraceful ... I mean heinously expensive airfreight arriving a mere week before the seafreight??? Not worth it in my opinion but I guess it was abnormal for the airfreight to take so long.

The airfreight seems to have arrived in good shape. Not sure if anything is missing besides the handle to baby's Disney car. Everything had been opened. The paper tape the packers had used on the boxes had been opened and covered up with plastic packing tape. The cardboard and bubble wrap parcels had slits cut open in them and were thoughtlessly left open. Gosh, they could at least have stuck the holes shut with tape that says 'inspected by customs' or something. I hope nothing fell out.

Here's a packing tip: if you have small bits and pieces of stuff (eg. loose straps for baby chairs or whatever, put them in a zip lock bag and tape the ziplock bag securely to whatever so that they remain safe. Do it yourself and don't leave it to the packers. A whole bunch of screws fell out of one of the slashed bubblewrap parcels so who knows if anything fell out earlier and got lost. We thought that a small crucial piece of some baby equipment was missing but it had just been stuck in another parcel by customs.

I'm sure moving in will be a whole lot less traumatic than moving out! Let's see if it really happens next week.