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15 Mar 2009
After having positive 'e'mail from RDH & DIAC we decided to spend another few hours on the laptop and book the medicals, finalise the 'visa' application and phoning PSS removals for a survey assesment, so come Monday the 'visa' application will be posted (they prefer it that way) got to wait 2 wks for the medicals ie the 27th.

This is a good date as we are off to 'Riverdance' the same nite also in Manchester booked since last year so hopefully a good omen for us !!

We have spoiled ourselves, after all the stress and wondering if we could apply and booked a gorgeous hotel Radisson Edwardian for the nite we are on the final push for Perth/Rockingham, so hopefully will be booking the big bird soon. Has anybody done Prem Economy is it worth the extra ?? Will keep in touch. xx