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one month in
29 Sep 2009
Been here approx 5 weeks now and it has been a rollercoaster ride emotionally, missing friends and family back home already. Struggled to find a long term rental but now have a 6 month lease in woodvale which has everything we wanted including pool which hopefully we shall use lots when the weather eventually warms up. Both girls although intially very unhappry just appear to be bored now but seem to be settling in and start school when the new term begins (hopefully then they will make some friends). Plenty of nursing work out here, had 4 interviews in 1 week and was offered positions for all of them (so any potential nurses out there, go for it, the wages are better than the UK) I start work on Monday for SilverChain palliative team, just hubby needs to find a job now. Quite suprised at how expensive things are here ie. toiletries / cleaning products etc (guess I just need to shop around) and also how cold it has been even though we were forewarned. Any way just a decent 2nd hand car and furniture to find now, hopefully things are on the up - and hopefully heres to some good times ahead.
13 Sep 2009
We are settling down, still renting in Beldon but looking for long term accomodation in Woodvale. Our girls are really struggling as until we have permanent address cant get them in to school etc and are missing all their friends. Is any one out their in the Woodvale area with teens up for a meet just to share information or enlighten us re: the system etc, any help would be appreciated.
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