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Adelaide or Melbourne?
24 Feb 2009
Thanks very much Michelle and babs_andy for your feedback. Will take a look at Geelong in more detail. Suppose we wont know until we get there really. Still researching and all info is greatly appreciated so thanks again.

23 Feb 2009
Hi there McKeowns,
That's great thanks alot. I had thought Melbourne was a larger city however I didn't realise how big. City life is not really what we're looking for so Adelaide is looking more promising, especially with the weather too. Much appreciated.
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23 Feb 2009
We just don't know where to live! We cannot decide between Adelaide or Melbourne. My partner is the main applicant and therefore employment opportunities is the main thing for us however I believe (after some research and speaking to friends who live in Melbourne) there are plenty of jobs in his field - manufacturing maintenance engineering - in both cities.
I have looked at areas in both cities and read quite alot of blogs on other sites and it seems most people prefer the Eastern and Southern side of Melbourne. These areas look very nice however I also like the look of the southern side of Adeliade i.e. Moana, Seaford etc.
Can anyone please help?
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