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Adelaide it is!
06 Mar 2009
Well after much deliberation (months and months of it) we have deceided to give Adelaide a whirl, that is as long as Paul can get the right job of course. According to the job web sites we have been looking at, it looks like he shouldn't have too much of a problem but I suppose you never know and alot can change in 12 months!
Our 4 year old, Ben, has been telling everyone about the move. We thought it best to introduce him to the notion that we would be emigrating as early as possbile so that he coluld get his head around it and then we can answer (or try to) any questions he poses along the way. In fact we have friends who live in Melbourne and Ben said to me on the way to school the other day, 'We will probably get to see them more than we will see nanny and grandad (who will be in UK)!' to which I replied 'Your probably right'. So it shows he is trying to rationalise things in his own way...bless him.