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28 Mar 2009
Thanks Andrea. I think you're right, not being in control doesn't help (not that I'm a control freak or anything...honest!!). Hopefully Josh will not have anymore 'episodes' and we can start to focus more on looking forward to the move. Thanks again Kerry.
26 Mar 2009
The last 2 weeks have been horrible. Josh, our youngest who is nearly 5 months old, has had 4 'episodes' as the doctors keep calling them whereby he becomes totaly absent. His eyes glaze over, he has a fixed stare, he becomes stiff but not rigid, the colour starts to fade from his little face and he stops breathing. We had to spend a total of 5 days in hospital (over 2 occasions) and in the end they sent him for an EEG, which has showed up regular brain activity and therefore indicates that what they thought it might be (absent seizures) it isn't. So we have just got to keep a very close eye on him and take him back if it happens again and they will do more tests. We have bought a special mat that goes under his matress and sets an alarm off if he stops breathing for more than 15 seconds, as the last 2 'episodes' he had were in his sleep, we just happened to be with him (he was in arms) when they happened. So at least that gives us a little comfort in knowing that it will pick up if it heppens again and we are not there, ie asleep. We find ourselves constantly checking that he's breathing and it's hard to relax somethimes.
On the second occasion in hospital as I sat watching Josh sleep in a dimly lit room, I started to think about what if this had happened in Oz and how we would cope not having the family rallying round to help. Both sets of parents helped with picking Ben up from school and giving him his tea and he had to stay over the first time we went to hospital. But then I suppose it all depends on how many friends you have made and if it's in the early stages then Paul would have had to sorted Ben out while I stayed at the hospital. Alot of what if's...I'm not saying it has changed my mind however it has made me think.
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