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Doin' OK :-)
21 Apr 2009
It has been approx. 6 wks since our stint in hospital and I am very pleased to say Josh has not had any more 'episodes'!! So you can imagine our relief. That doesn't mean to say we aren't still watching him like a hawk however we have relaxed slightly.
My matertnity leave finishes soon and I am not thrilled about having to return to work but if we want to end up with our dream life in Oz, the bills still need to be paid...that is until we win the lottery!!
I am pleased to say that my mind has been set back into Australia mode, the focus has been restored. I believe this to be partly due to the nice weather we have been having (imagining this is what it will be like the majority of the time) and our TRA paperwork finally being certified by our solicitor, who, I might add, did it for free!!!
So everything is looking a bit more rosey in the Williams' household, for the time being anyway.