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TRA Issues
29 Jul 2009
Can't beleive it. After waiting 6 weeks from sending the TRA application off, we received word from our Visa company that we had been rejected!!! She was amazed as she said our application was one of the most thorough she had ever submitted. We think it's because one of the dates didn't match with one of the refrences however the reason was simply to do with the difference between Paul starting his apprentiship and becoming employed and it was all explained in the refrence!!! The visa rep reckons the TRA guy must have been having a very bad day and we got the brunt end of it. So we have had to gather more proof of the apprentiship, even included a photo of Paul receiving his award from Ian Rush. Knowing our luck the guy at TRA will be a Man Utd fan!!!!!!!
So evernything has now been submitted...again and it's back to waiting. Everything seemed so certain but now I just keep fearing the worst and where as I kept syaing 'when we go to Oz' I'm now saying 'If'. I don't know what we'll do if we get rejected.