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Falling House Prices
29 Mar 2009
Yes I'm getting right into this site! Still figuring out how to use it properly - Try and add some pics next!! Defo meet up soon - Mandie
28 Mar 2009
Thanks Sharron for your message! If we had just stayed put or rented out our house and returned to UK for say 6 months (and that would have been long enough!!) we wouldn't be in this position now, oh for the benefit of hindsight or a crystal ball!! ha lol - anyway I love this site something we didn't have last time hopefully a good way to make new friends, and keep up with life in Oz - Mandie.
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26 Mar 2009
We made the decision to move back to Perth, a little while ago, we still got a bit of work to do on our house before putting it on the market, and have told our kids that we will go August 2010 - But if the house prices keep falling and not selling, I don't know if this will happen!! I know there are alot of people out there in the same position as us, but I feel in limbo at the moment.
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