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Doom and Gloom
22 May 2009
Hi Sharron

You're right there is alot of doom and gloom everywhere,here in the UK the prices of everything like your normal weekly shopping have gone up alot in the last couple of years! Gas and Electric is soo expensive!!! I know its not easy in Oz as well, when your earning the A$ it don't go far (Can you still get 5 Litres of wine for 10 bucks? Can't all be bad then lol) We're nearly into our summer but it's felt more like Autumn with the wind and the rain, maybe sent it Australia's way as this weekend is meant to be nice!!! (seeing is believing). Well having spent 5 years in Perth and now 5 years in UK out of the last ten years, I know where I'd rather be so hopefully Aug next year, we'll be back (and this time it'll be for good!!!!!!!!) It'll be great to meet up and enjoy some of that loverly Aussie wine.

Hi Sandra

Sorry to hear that the kids are still unwell, hopefully feeling better soon! - I have noticed around Hanham alot of SOLD signs recently so let's hope things are beginning to move again!!! Selling your house is a very stressfull time - because if you're like me once you have made the decision and put it on the market you want it sold straight away!!! Keep your chin up it will happen. Let's meet up after school hols let me know.

Hi Michelle

Great to hear from you, we're all in the same boat here in England aren't we? I's more difficult as the kids are getting older, you worry about they're education and the right time to go (Due to current climate out of our hands!!) Also when they make their own decisions it may not be what you want!!! I think we deffo need to meet up and I'm sure we can be proper whingeing POMS!!! Maybe the three of us could meet somewhere, you me and Sandra both let me know it would be great.

All the best to you all. Take Care. Mandie.
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21 May 2009
I used to enjoy reading all the discussions on this site, but just lately everything is doom and gloom!! I have felt quite down lately, due to the constant talk of recession. The thought that our house is not worth as much as this time last year!! Bit of a bummer!! I can't wait till we are in a position to return to Perth. (It's been five years - but I really hope it hasn't changed too much) What I have read lately worries me alot. From grafitti to bad schools to unemployment and expensive food, wish someone had some more positives to talk about!!!! (Believe me UK is shocking and not where I want my girls to grow up) Anyone got any good news?????

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