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Aussiemove therapy!
11 Jul 2009
I forgot before that I also wanted to congratulate my beautiful little girl for getting Pupil of the Term yesterday at school. She only moved to the school in February and has grown so much and settled in amazingly. She said to me yesterday that when she moves to Australia she knows that starting a new school will be a bit scary but now she's done it here she knows that she'll make lots of new friends and so she'll be fine! Don't you just love the practical way kids look at things - wish I could be the same!!
11 Jul 2009
I have decided to channel my addiction into reading everything there is on Aussiemove! There are so many helpful people on here which is making me feel much better! Thanks to those who have messaged me - your info is invaluable to us and we very much appreciate it. It's great to read all the fantastic reikki reports and everyone's blogs. So a BIG THANK YOU to all of you out there with such fab information. You are are keeping me sane!! xx