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15 Jul 2009
I have also cancelled Bonner for tomorrow as decided I must have tempted fate by having PSS and Anglo Pacific out yesterday!!
15 Jul 2009
Thanks Michelle, I have now started to try and list in as much detail as possible all the kitchens and bathrooms Steve fitted within the 2 years they are asking for. 6 months of it is covered with payslips as because he wasn't making much money he went back to the firm he used to manage! I am a bit confused over the experience though as it reads 12 months out of the last 24 months so I am hoping that so long as there is 12 months work in his industry in the last 24 then that will be ok as there were times where he had nothing to fit because the work just wasn't out there. He has worked as a chippie since he was 17 and he is nearly 34 and was only self employed for 2 1/2 years - it's just sod's law that it's at that time that we decided to move to Oz!! Thanks again, Clare
15 Jul 2009
Today we have received an email from our agent and we have a case officer - hurrah!! BUT! when we last had a case officer in Feb we were trying to prove Steve's time of self employment and guess what? that is exactly where the case officer has picked back up. They are not counting any of his invoices as proof because they don't state hours worked just a total amount for the job and as he sub-contracted for one business and has no pay slips we are at stale mate. They company he did the work for did a letter back in Feb for the department, we have provided bank statements, invoices and our tax returns but the department say that from his tax returns they don't believe he earnt enough money to have been working 20hours a week! And we didn't think he earnt alot either which is why he then excepted a job back with his old firm and has been with them for the last 18 months! Today we are VERY frustrated and have no idea how to get round it. They don't believe Steve or the company he worked for and we agree his earnings were low but it doesn't mean he didn't put the work in! We have 7 days to reply and they have said it's a FINAL request so our visa will either be granted or not on the base of this. Steve is the most hard working person you could meet who averages nearly 60 hours a week and is very highly though of within every company he has ever worked at and actually feels a bit insulted! Who knows what will happen now? Our agent is trying to contact our case officer to find out what they want us to do. Our whole Australian dream hangs in the balance and at the minute it's not looking good :( Is 9am too early to start drinking wine???? I am going off to hide in a corner and cry!
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