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21 Jul 2009
Hi Michelle, am feeling a bit better thanks, don't think the stress is helping though!! I have sent you a PM. Thanks Clare x
20 Jul 2009
Thanks Mandie, it's the lovely people on Aussimove that keep me going!! My husband has the ability to be very laid back about everything and I do all the stressing!!! Can't even have a bottle to calm my nerves but once the antibiotics have finished I will make up for the lack of wine!! lol Great to hear from you. Hopefully we'll get to meet some Aussiemovers one day! x
20 Jul 2009
Have emailed and scanned everything to Agent but not holding out much hope. Our agent is not sending all the info we have requested her too as she says it will only complicate things! I was always under the impression that you can never send too much information! We haven't had the smoothest ride with our agent. There seems to be a lack of communication between us. To me, when your dealing with a life changing process for someone and charging them alot of money to do it then you should at least reply to emails when asked a question and update them as much as you can. It shouldn't be the customer who has to chase for information! Oh well, moan over. It's in the hands of the department now so all we can do is keep everything crossed and hope our case officer changes her mind from the new info we sent. He words in her last letter 'I am currently not satisfied' have been haunting my dreams now for a week!
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20 Jul 2009
Feel really poorly today. Doc has given me antibiotics to try and get rid of the bugs. Could really do without my head feeling like it's about to explode when I have had so much to type and sort out ready to send to our agent! Oh well, it's all done so just got to scan and email tomorrow. Will just have to keep our fingers crossed now! Time to go to bed I think. Good night all x
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