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25 Jul 2009
Drank a very nice bottle of red and fell asleep on the sofa till 5:35am when Harry came down and woke me up but had a great night and feel much better for it!! Everyone needs to let go every now and then! Enjoying my friends while I still have some - if we move we will be making meals just for us! x
24 Jul 2009
Hi Keely&Jon

Sent you a PM as don't want to say their name in my blog. As I think I've said about them before there have been some bits that they have been great on but communication unfortunately isn't one of their strong points! Thanks, Clare
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24 Jul 2009
Is it just me or do agents do whatever they want to do and just ignore the client who has paid for them? I now see why they have the money up front! Our agent has been quite poor on communicating so when we last spoke and emailed on Tuesday I specifically asked her to send me a quick email on Friday even if she had nothing new to tell me so that I can feel more confident that she isn't just avoiding us. It's 11:50am UK time so I know that her office closed a while ago and guess what - no email! Now I am left worrying all weekend wondering why she hasn't contacted us. Is it because our case officer did get back to her after our final demand info went in on Monday and she's still not satisfied so has rejected us or is it that she's just not bothered? Me being a BIG worrier will panic all weekend that it is that we've been rejected and she just doesn't want to tell us! We have 4 close friends coming round for a meal tonight cooked by my wonderful husband so I am officially going to get very drunk! I have the weekend off so at least the hangover can be dealt with at home!!! Have a nice weekend all x
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