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We've booked!!
14 Mar 2010
Hi Mandie - thanks! I think we all feel a bit better now we have a date. We are looking into Edgewater at the minute and so far we are impressed with what we've found. The school have been really helpful and we know someone who lived there for a very long time and who showed us round it when we went on our activation trip. Will wait and see but think it will be around that area somewhere! Just sorting out our shipping now then just want to sit back and enjoy the next 6 months here. Hope to keep in touch, Clare x
07 Mar 2010
Sounds good to me Pat! Is nice to think we wont have to endure another Winter like this one! Looking forward to it. Thanks donnaa2! No we are lucky not to have had a house to sell. I just have to sell them at work! Only 4 to go on the site I am on and then I'm finished!
28 Feb 2010
Well we've done it! We felt that we needed a date set to work towards so that we could seriously get organised and our daughter has been all over the place since we came back from our trip, asking regularly when we were going and getting very frustrated and upset with the 'we don't know yet' answer.

We feel that we can now focus on the savings and enjoy the 'summer' here before heading off to start our new life. We think we got a good deal with Emirates and we'd heard that they are re-pricing on 1st March so decided to just go for it.

I'm very excited but also very scared as booking the flights is the biggest step! Will look forward to finally being able to come to an Aussiemove meet and hopefully get to know some of you!

Now just need to work, work, work and stop spending for the next 6 months!!

Take Care all xx
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